Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meet the Bridal Party - "Bridal Party Social"

Now that you have made the decided to select your bridal party, it would be great if all the ladies get an opportunity to meet each other! Don’t wait until the day of the wedding to meet everyone if you can prevent it.

Gathering before the events unfold can be more exciting and special if the ladies get together early to discuss the details of the wedding such as:

The colors, theme, dresses, fittings, shoes & accessories, hair, nails, makeup and the many other topics to be discussed.

Your maid/matron of honor may begin her responsibilities by hosting the first meeting if you prefer. Don’t have a formal meeting and be stern with guidelines and expectations….incorporate ice breakers and games to get the ladies mingling…. and remember to listen to feedback. Having a bridal party social during in the planning process can alleviate the stress and pressure and sets your expectations in the beginning in a nice way.

Make it fun and think about possible Bridal Social Party Themes….Pamper Me / Spa Party, Wine & Cheese.....etc.

Happy Planning!