Monday, October 18, 2010

It's not too early for Seating Charts!

Good News!! It’s not too early to start your floor plan and seating chart!!

When you send out your invitations you can create the floor plan at the same time. List the table number and the guests that you would like to sit at that particular table. As the RSVP’s come back in you can highlight the guest as attending. Once the RSVP deadline has come to a close you are able to shift around your guests if necessary to eliminate and add additional tables.

Many couples get overwhelm with the table seating, address this at an early stage and it will be less for you to worry about in the end. To also make this task easier for you, print the escort cards a week before the wedding and organize them in alphabetical order. If you are using and seating chart in alphabetical order by last name, this can also be printed and framed ahead of time.

Be strategic when you plan out your tasks….especially as you get closer to your wedding day.

Enjoy the planning process and relax as you move along towards your wonderful wedding day.