Thursday, October 18, 2012

Saving Tips for your Wedding

Let’s face it weddings can be expensive!

You find this out when you begin planning and researching weddings along with the many details that are involved with designing an amazing wedding day.

Here are a few tips to assist you with saving as much as possible. 

1.        Be FlexibleWhen you are selecting a venue have an open mind. Weddings are taking place on just about any day of the week in this day and age. Instead of getting married on a Saturday, are you open to Thursday, Friday, or Sunday? This may be a significant savings for you. Compare the rates of the venue and if an outside catering company is involved this is also a great negotiating tool, as now they have another prime Saturday available since you have selected an alternative non primetime day. 

2.       Stay in one place- If you have your ceremony and reception in one location this is helpful to cut the décor budget, all you have to do is use the décor twice! Your altar arrangement can also function as a centerpiece for the reception. Also having one location also cancels out or minimizes the transportation arrangements in most cases.

3.       Shop Around – Compare quality, service, and prices. It is important that as you meet with wedding professionals that you pay close attention to the quality. In some cases you will not save if you need to make adjustments to complete the vision that you really want. Circle back to who you love and negotiate your desires.

4.       Follow Professionals Twitter/Facebook/Blogs – Savings and discounts may be posted there. If there is a deal/offer posted, that may be a good time to sign a contract. 

5.       Customize your Needs into a Package  – Be specific with your needs, it is okay to ask if items can be added or removed  to create a package that you feel good with. 

Lastly, the guest list is the best way to save and keep you on track. Do not feel obligated to invite everyone, the more guests, the extra, tables, flowers, linen, place setting….etc……. you get the point. Think about the guests list and make sure that the people you invite and there to shower you with their love for you both.

Happy Planning!