Friday, January 11, 2013

Bridal Show Tips

Here are a few tips for future shows Bridal Shows that you attend. 

A.       Register online before the show, you can save a few dollars off.
B.       Create an email address specifically for your wedding planning and promotional materials to be sent to you. This helps keep you organized and your personal inbox separate from planning.
Print address labels and save yourself time on filling out forms. Here is an example: *Address & Phone number is optional
C.       Bring a friend if your fiancé is not interested in attending.
D.       Bring a small notebook to take notes and advice from vendors.
E.       Ask questions when you speak with vendors, what would you like to know? 
F.       Keep track of the vendors that you like:
a.       Collect as much literature as possible, for the vendors that you really like you keep the information in your bag. The others give to your friend to place in her bag. This helps you filter the information while at the show, still go through all of the information; you just know what bag to go through first.
b.       Rate the vendors you see, whether you use an A,B,C method this will also help when reviewing information. If you don’t mind have your friend rate the vendor and compare ratings later.
G.       If you like a vendor schedule a consultation on the spot and take advantage of the deals they are offering. If the show is overwhelming follow up later and schedule a consultation, many of which are free. 

        Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes and be ready to walk around at least twice.  To make sure you did not miss anything. 

        Have Fun and Happy Planning!