Thursday, December 26, 2013

How to Save on a Budget Wedding?

Having a wedding is costly and adds up pretty quickly as many couples find out during the planning process.

We understand that not all couples have a large budget for planning a wedding. Here are somethings to consider that may help you with savings.

I. Location 
Select a location that will fit your budget, this means that you should base your venue selection on the key items that you are looking for and important to you. If you would like a venue more central for your guests and would like to have an outdoor wedding then these are the top priorities for the search.

If you cannot afford the Country Club wedding here is an alternative - How about a ceremony in a park? There are nice local parks that offer their grounds for weddings with or without a pavilion. If your guest count permits look into a summer house that you can rent out for the weekend for your intimate wedding?

II. Food & Beverage 
What type of food would you like to serve?
A quick and easy way of saying a nice amount of money is having a brunch reception or a cocktail reception. These are a little less formal, however also lots of fun. Most guests would like to enjoy the food, drinks, and dancing! If you are fortunate to locate a venue that will allow you to bring in your own catering company, this is an advantage to negotiating with caterers. You will not be restricted to can now choose your preferred caterer.

Do as much as possible yourself leading up to the wedding without stressing or compromising the quality of your wedding. It is important to take your time in creating the details that will be displayed at your wedding. I am a fan of DIY, however you should be crafty and the personal touches should not come off as 'cheesy' if you are not great at crafts outsource the tasks.

IV. Rent Items 
There are so many companies that you can rent items from to create a design that you would like. From linen, napkins, chair covers (we also offer chair covers), birdcages, to many other items...why buy when you can simply rent them! Your local wedding planner may have several items available for rent. Just send a quick email to find out if they have what you may need.

* We rent decor items and also offer design services with or without planning services*

V. Use Alternatives 
Flower Centerpieces > Change the expensive flower to something cheaper...or use > Candles

Satin Linen Tablecloth> Use Polyester ....or > Use long tables & keep the satin or poly (less tablecloths)

Aisle Decor> The decor you use for the aisle double use them for the centerpieces (floating candles/flowers)

In the picture below the altar arrangements were used to frame the sweetheart table during the reception.
Venue Location: Cira Centre, Philadelphia, PA