Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What is the difference between a Wedding Planner & a Venue Coordinator

   Congratulations on your engagement! No doubt, this will be the most exciting time of your lives as a couple so far. It can also be overwhelming when you start getting into the planning process and that's where we as wedding planners come in. One question that we often get is, what is the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator. When is comes to a wedding planner and a venue coordinator, the titles are similar, but in reality, they are immensely different.  Simply put, a wedding planner's services are endless while a venue coordinator has boundaries. To better understand, we have highlighted the main differences below.


 The Venue Coordinator
  • When you contact a venue to schedule a walk through, a venue coordinator will usually be the one who you will speak to as well as show you around during your appointment.
  • They are partially a salesperson, as well as a spokesperson for the venue and point of contact between the couple and the on site operations team.
  • Coordinators are responsible for all things related to the venue, such as venue contract and payment, menu tastings if their is an onsite caterer, making sure the venue is set up correctly and that vendors follow all rules set by the venue.
  • Many times when asking a venue coordinator for recommendations for vendors, they will more than liking suggest someone from their recommended list and you may not get an honest referral based on someone's experience or merit.
  • They will not meet with you during your consultations with your potential vendors.
  • Once your wedding day is confirmed, you more than likely will not hear from the venue coordinator until a month or two prior to your wedding day.

The Wedding Planner
  • You will have a team of professional wedding planners and coordinators at your service from the beginning of the planning process or month of coordination where we will help you with the final details and pull of the pieces together.
  • You will be assisted with creating a budget, as well as recommended venues and vendors within your budget.
  • Review and negotiate contracts. (Selected Packages)
  • Scheduling and attending menu tastings, cake tastings, walk throughs and consultations with you.
  • Customized personal design reflecting the vision of the couple while developing an ideal floor plan.
  • Personalized timelines and wedding day overviews for vendors, bridal parties, family members and venue.
  • Organize and lead/assist the wedding rehearsal with or without your Officiant.
  • Communicate a detailed timeline with your wedding team of professionals days/week before the wedding and follow up with any questions they may have.
  • Over see time management for processional, recessional, cocktail hour, entrances, speeches, dancing, etc.
  • Ensure quality control as well as troubleshoot any issue that may arise without interrupting your special day.
  • Pack all personal items and gifts after the reception and ensure they are delivered to your room or designated person.
  • Allow your family and friends to enjoy every moment of your wedding day with you!