Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Selecting your wedding cake....the most delicious part of your wedding!

Let's face it, planning a wedding is exciting, emotional and yes, delicious! Sitting down to do a cake tasting is definitely something most brides and grooms look forward to doing. There are a few things to consider before the fun begins. Selecting a bakery of course is one of the first steps. Consider having a tasting at 2-3 bakeries before making your selection. There are hundreds of bakeries around the state, so make sure to get recommendations from past brides, check out online reviews as well as personal experience with the bakery can help with narrowing down your choices.

 Once you have selected the bakeries you would like to schedule a tasting with, have a discussion with each other on the  flavor of the cake, filling and icing as well as the colors and style each of you would like to have. The options are endless and I've included this chart below with some wonderful ideas:

Also discuss if there will be groom's cake, if so, is there a theme that you would prefer? Some men choose a favorite sports team or a favorite hobby. Make sure to decide on flavors you would like for this cake as well.

The next step is to schedule your tasting. Make sure to do this several months in advance of your wedding date. When speaking with them, relay the flavors and combinations you would like to try during your tasting. This will save the bakery time from making something that neither one of you like and can focus on your top choices. Bringing picture of decorated cakes that you both like can also help with making the final decisions.

Once you have selected the bakery as well as your style, make sure to have a signed contract which includes those details as well as your wedding date and time of delivery to the venue.

Happy Tasting!