Monday, May 2, 2016

Summer 2016 Trends

Although every year new trends are created, some last while others only stick around for a season. For the 2016 Summer wedding season, we will be seeing more personal touches and elements added to couple's wedding days, while romance and rose gold enhance the mood.


From sequin table linens to centerpieces, metallics have made a come back in a big way. While gold and rose gold have become bride and groom favorites, silver is not as popular.

Personal Touches

Adding personal touches has never really gone out of style but couples are becoming more creative on how to accomplish it. Bride's and Groom's are throwing destination weddings without leaving their state by adding in touches from their hometown or favorite city. Another way they are personalizing their event is having a theme such as Gatsby.

Guest Seating

Couples are moving away from round tables for reception seating and moving towards long banquet and square tables for a more intimate setting for guests. They are also choosing a lounge area complete with comfortable sofas and chairs for cocktail hour as well as the after party.


Flowers have been a huge part of weddings since the beginning but the types of flowers and the elements in which they are incorporated have evolved tremendously. Couples are looking at in season flowers and have even started to add in food elements such as herbs, fruits and vegetables. Other popular floral trends include succulents, potted plants, ferns, lavender sprigs and branches.