Sunday, May 16, 2010

Planning to plan.....then Failing to plan

Okay the title of the blog says it all, and if you scratched your head then your right also. Planning any event can be an overwhelming task if you don’t take the time to think things through. Stop keep telling yourself that it will all come together and get organized.

While you have a vision in your mind it is important to plan things out in stages. Whether writing your plan on a calendar, using a spreadsheet or using Microsoft Outlook. Be specific with your complete planning timeline and incorporate time to rest and relax. You should not eat, sleep, and breathe your special occasion….at that point it becomes overwhelming and not exciting to plan.

If you have the time, focus on one to two items per week or bi-weekly. Planning any occasion should not be a burden, think about the details before hand and if need help enlist an event planner. Don’t think you cannot afford a planner, many charge hourly, by a percentage or a flat rate. It just may be worth the headache to hire a professional to execute.

Depending on how formal your event is and the amount of guests if you don’t have the true help of others from the beginning then think about a planner.

Tip: Enlist a planner at the right time and don’t worry about the logistics, let your planners execute and you relax. Professional event planners are able to create your vision and assemble additional wow factors to a fantastic event