Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wedding Attendants , The Roles & Duties

Along with selecting your wedding party, be sure to include your ushers and hostesses in the party also. While most brides think about the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the selection of ushers and hostesses should be included and not looked over.

The duties of attendants should be viewed and treated with high importance and responsibility. When selecting attendants think about someone with a friendly charming, energetic persona to assist with seating for the ceremony. This should be well thought out and your selection should be an adult or a responsible teenager. In the event that you have a coordinator this is not a task for your coordinator. The role of your wedding coordinator/planner is contracted to ensure the day runs smoothly and on time.

Ushers & Hostesses should be prepared to provide the following duties and more:
* Escort guests to their seat- This will ensure that the front rows of the church will be filled and you do not have too many guests in the middle or back pews.
* Offer Programs- If you are planning to hand out programs, your guests will be offered a program. This will ensure guests do not walk by the basket and attempt to come back during the service for a program to “keep track” of everything going on.
* Attend to Guest Book- Encourage guests to sign the guest book upon their arrival.
* Accept Gifts and Cards- For the guests that will not be attending the reception this is an opportunity to have attendants accept gifts and cards on behalf of the couple. Tip: Have a card holder at both the church and reception venue.
* Aisle Runner- If the bride plans to have an aisle runner the ushers will be persons to pull the aisle runner for the bride.
* Organized Exit- After the bride and groom begin the wedding recessional to exit the church or to form a receiving line it is beneficial to have an organized exit for all. There will be excitement and guests eager to see the newlyweds, however keep it organized and your guests will typically follow.

Happy Planning!