Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quality over Quantity when selecting your Coordinator/Planner

Don't let the price be the determining factor for your special day, meet with your prospective coordinator to learn about their style and level of service before making your final decision......quality before quantity.

In a recent conversation with industry partners the topic of pricing inquires developed and this was a very interesting topic I must say. I receive many emails requesting prices, while we don’t mind sharing information upon request for pricing we like to get to know the couple and also share our work ethic and style with each couple first.

Shopping based on price is not always beneficial or a good strategy. We clearly understand that when planning a wedding or event on a budget there are specific amounts allotted. You should be careful and know exactly what services you will be receiving for the price quoted. How accessible will your coordinator/planner be? While pricing think about a few other decisions that you have made based on quality over quantity......

Picking up a salad from a fast food restaurant or spending a few extra dollars for the quality and service from a Panera Bread.

Inexpensive deep conditioner that will last for one week in comparison to a quality deep conditioner that will keep your hair healthy for two to four weeks.

Purchasing shoes that are not comfortable but will serve the purpose or investing in good shoes that will last, be comfortable, and will not have any repercussions.

These are just a few things to think about when selecting a coordinator/planner for your special occasion. There are a variety of styles, professionalism, and the ability to envision and carry through your expectations when working with service providers.

Research and meet with at least one to two coordinators or other service providers before you decide to accept an offer. Take the time to review your notes from meeting with each potential candidate and base your final decision on the quality of service and not the cost. Our consultations are complimentary and we give our prospective clients several days to review and accept/decline our offer.

Please keep in mind that most month of coordination packages require at least 80 hours of service, this includes two coordinators on the day of your event (16 hours) and the remaining 64 hours if not more for meetings, emails, telephone conversations, planning logistics and other items, this is an average of 16 hours for 4 weeks. Once you receive your quote for pricing divide the estimated cost by the minimum of 80 hours and this will be the estimated hourly rate that you will pay. Hourly rates without packages are typically higher; we encourage you to investigate before you invest.

Enjoy the planning process and consider taking a good look at comparing services before focusing on the price. Happy planning, we wish you the best success and enjoyment for your event!