Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let's do Brunch.....

Have a Brunch Reception and the savings will lower your budget.

With the many expenses that are associated with planning a wedding, the most expensive area that you can save is in the reception. Have you considered having an early wedding ceremony followed by a buffet brunch?

There are a few advantages to having your reception earlier in the day:

- The food can be a lighter portion in comparison to a dinner meal.
- Guests typically don’t drink as much during the afternoon as they would in the late evening.
- If you choose to have more than wine and champagne a limited open bar is acceptable
- A brunch reception is shorter timeframe and allows guests to enjoy the rest of their evening after celebrating with you. Some couples prefer this option and enjoy an intimate dinner as newlyweds before they call it a day.
- The cost of a venue is lower to rent during that day than the evening.
- There should not be a need for additional lighting for an afternoon reception; the sun should be still shining bright.
- Your d├ęcor of flowers can also be limited and/or fruits may also be incorporated to as centerpieces.

There are several things that you can do to lower the cost of a reception by serving brunch. See a few pictures below for inspiration.