Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Savings & Being Organized with Wedding Plans

Planning a wedding as you may already know from talking and getting advice from friends and loved ones it can be pretty pricy. Here a few basic tips that can help you save and be organized during the planning process.

1. Start planning early. Allow yourself time to map out your plans and details. Take the time to research venues, customer service of companies, client reviews, and pricing of potential vendors of interest.

2. Set up a wedding account. Decide on the amount in total that you would like to spend. After researching allocate an estimate for each area and stick to your budget. Don’t go into a marriage in debt for the wedding, it’s the love that counts not the glamour.

3. Enlist assistance early. Planning your wedding day can be overwhelming with details, and may include comments and feedback that you may want or not want from friends and family. Set your expectations and you can hand out areas of responsibilities early. Again tasks should be to your expectations as a couple.

4. Use seasonal products. Using items in season such as flowers, vegetables (great for a green or organic theme), and other items will be less expensive that selecting items that are not in season.

5. Have your ceremony and reception in one location. Automatically this eliminates the cost of transportation or allows you to save and just have a limo transport the couple and wedding attendants once.

6. Have a smaller wedding. Don’t feel obligated to invite everyone that you know. It may not be necessary to invite your close friend’s cousin that you went to a party with once. Keep this in mind, while you plan your wedding on the budget you plan on spending.

Enjoy your planning process it should be a fun time for you both, take your time and think about the details. Don’t make a mistake and overlook the logistics of the wedding day. If financially able hire a planner at least for the day of your wedding. Meet with a few planners to learn about their style and get an idea to see if you three will be a good fit for each other. Don’t assume that planners are expensive; the pricing typically is based on your needs and the packages available.

Tip: If you are planning an April- June you are in prime wedding season and up against proms. Dresses, tuxedos and limos should be reserved within a timely manner.