Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bridal Shower Games

Are to thinking about an upcoming bridal shower and the games that you would like to play? Here are a few ideas to have the guests actively involved and keep the blushing bride to be excited.

Advise for the Bride
Bridal Shower GameCreate a beautiful bouquet of advice for the bride. The hostess will need construction paper, pipe cleaners, and glue. Cut out heart and flower shapes and glue them to the pipe cleaners. They should resemble a flower attached to it's stem. They can be arranged in bouquets on the table or handed out to guests as they arrive. Tell the guests to write advice for the bride on the paper cut outs and place them in a vase. When all flowers and hearts have been placed in the vase, have the bride read them aloud. This will make a great keepsake for the bride.

What the Bride Says
As the bride opens each gift, have someone write down what she says (without her knowing). After all the gifts are opened, have the person read her comments back. These are the bride's words to describe her wedding night. (Make sure your guests can handle this one!)

Spice of Life
Get as many spices together as you want and place them in unmarked, but numbered jars. Pass each one around the room and have each guest write down what she thinks it is. At the end of the game, award the one with the most correct answers the collection of spices. (Be sure to include the corresponding list!)

Mom's Advice
Have each guest tell the best and worst advice they received from their mother or grandmother. Award a prize to the person who gives the best advice and a booby prize to the worst advice received!

Clothespin Game
As each guest arrives, clip a clothespin to her clothing. If someone hears another person saying the word "bride", she gets to take her clothespin. The player with the most "pins" at the end of the shower gets a prize.

What is the Bride Wearing?
Let the bride know ahead of time. After everyone has visited for a while, the bride quietly leaves the room and listens from a spot where the guests cannot see her. Then ask the guests about what she is wearing. Is her hair up or down? Color of shoes? Outfit color? Ask as many questions as you can think of...then start asking about the bride's favorite color, TV show, food. Go around the room taking turns answering. Everyone who has not missed an answer at the end wins a prize.

Who am I?
This one is an easy way to get everyone talking to one another. Ahead of time, write down the names of famous people on index cards - singers, celebrity, political figures, authors. As each guest arrives, pin the identity to their back without them knowing the name. Guests find out who they are by asking others YES or NO questions. Depending on the group of people, you may or may not also decide to put a limit on the number of questions that can be asked to one person consecutively. Depending on how long it takes, you can opt for first prize only or extend out to second and third. If you want everyone to get a chance to figure it out, you may also give out a prize to the last person.

Happy Wishes
Provide envelopes and index cards. Have the guests write an event, holiday, or moment in the couple's life together. On the index card, write a happy thought or useful piece of advice. On the outside of the envelope, write the occasion that the bride should open the note. Examples might be wedding night, first anniversary, first child, first fight, first house.

Word Scramble
Provide a list of scrambled words that are common with a wedding ceremony and reception. Use words such as bride, groom, gifts, cake, flowers, ring. (dirbe, romog,tigfs,kace,woferls,girn) The first person finished gets a prize. (If no one finished within 10 to 15 minutes, award the prize to the person with the most right answers.)

You can also use the same or similar games for a baby shower.

Happy Planning!