Monday, November 15, 2010

You Can't Do It All!

The endless to-do-list that you review and add items to daily…… needs to be revised and become a strategic plan on a calendar. I know that sometimes you may think if you don’t do it…it won’t be done right!

Don’t increase your stress levels. Evaluate if you have the time, dedication, and the discipline to stick to your plans and execute your vision. If you must interview your friends and family members to determine who is a good fit for your “team” as you would with a vendor….then do so. When you determine who is going to help you just make sure that they understand your vision and that you can work well together for the ultimate results.

For those whom are working on a tight budget and relying on extra hands to help out with the decorations, be sure to set up one table as an example of what the table should look like and your team can follow behind you to set the rest. The key to utilizing your volunteers that would like to truly help you is communication. Be sure to share your vision and intentions with everyone that is working with you.

Don't plan your own party....get help.

Be a guest at your own event.

Happy Planning!