Thursday, January 27, 2011

DIY Signs to Guide your Guests

If you have venue that it may be a challenge to get to in the car and/or on feet, think about extra signage to help your guests find their way.

I have two brides so far this year that their receptions are on a college campus. As many of you know it can be challenging to locate the correct building on a large campus such as John Hopkins University. However we are planning to DIY a few things to keep the expenses down and help lead the guests in the right direction.

I found a post by a previous bride and her DIY tutorial. All the details are listed below and also a link to the original blog post. Enjoy and share this blog with someone else who you may think want to save.

If your ceremony or reception location is challenging to get to although the turn-by-turn directions on the back of the map you may have included in the invitations were received. There may be a few guests that will forget this information, GPS is great but may not work in all areas that you are traveling in. Here is a quick DIY project that will help you with some simple signs to help your guests find their way.

Supplies Needed:

1. 12″ unfinished wooden plaque
2. Indoor/Outdoor satin finish spray paint in Ivory
3. Martha Stewart Crafts rub-on alphabet decals
4. Cricut Cuttables adhesive vinyl in black (not pictured)

How they are made:

1. After laying down a few sheets of newspaper outdoors to protect the grass, apply three coats of spray paint to each wooden plaque, allowing a few minutes of drying time between coats. (TIP: Disposable gloves are a great idea!
2. Allow the paint to fully dry for about an hour. Using a light colored pencil and a straight edge; sketch a faint guide line where your letters will be placed.
3. Position a decal on the plaque with the ink side down. Apply by rubbing all over the surface of the decal with the included craft stick, using a good amount of pressure. To ensure a clean transfer, make sure to rub over all of the little detailed areas, and especially the edges of each letter. Slowly peel back the acetate backing. If you notice that parts of the decal have not transferred, lay the acetate back down and keep rubbing. Repeat for all letters.

4. Using adhesive-backed black vinyl, free-hand an arrow shape in Sharpie on the paper backing. Then cut it out with a craft knife and adhered it to the plaque. The nice thing is that the vinyl is repositionable, meaning that the arrow can later be changed to point in a different direction and the sign can be used again.

A small screw with a loop on the back of the sign with ribbon will allow you to tie the signs to the a sign that is already in place such as a stop sign. Add a stake to the back and this sign can be placed in the ground along the route.