Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pricing & Value for Event Planners

When it comes down to selecting a wedding planner there are many factors that you should base your decision on other than the cost.

When selecting a wedding planner you determine the relationship you would like to have, as the client you have the final decision on how you spend your money. Planners can make suggestions and accompany you to the vendor meetings, advise you on your budget in each area. Keep in mind if you go over the budget in a category, you good planner will adjust the budget to break even overall.

The fees of a planner depend on the services that you would like to retain. Before you hire a planner/coordinator be sure to know what exactly their services cover. Some planners offer a flat rate; others charge by the hours worked, or a percentage of your wedding budget. Most will create a proposal for you based on the services that you desire.

If you chose to hire a planner for full service planning (from beginning to end) this may end up saving you money in the long run.

For Example, there may be a venue that you are interested in and your planner can negotiate a deal on the same venue or find you a venue similar or better while saving you thousands in that one area just to start with the other potential savings to come.

Don’t assume that you can’t afford a planner for your special day, there are many resources and ways you can incorporate a planner in your budget.