Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DIY Menu Cards - Template

Below is a DIY tip from a bride on Project Wedding - Dill Pickle Picnic

Tools Needed:

•Paper Cutter (or have it precut at Kinko’s,etc)

•Color printer that will allow for custom paper sizes

•Feel Script Font or Monterey BT Font

•Menu Template created in MS Word (saved for Word 95-2005) Supplies Needed:

•8.5 x 11 inches Ivory or White Cardstock – 1 sheet makes 3 menus (I used cover stock from PaperSource in Luxe White but Cold Press watercolor paper would work well also)


•If you don’t already have it loaded on your computer, download and install the font of your choice. This project uses Copperplate Gothic (which came with MS Word) and Monterey-BT. •Download the Menu Template from above and update to your menu items of choice. Verify that the paper size is set to a custom size with a width of 3.66 inches and a height of 8.5 inches.

•Cut your standard sized paper into 3 menu sized pieces*.

Each menu is setup to be 3.66 inches wide, so a 1/3 of a standard sheet of paper’s width if in landscape mode. Using your paper cutter cut each sheet into 3 equal pieces. To make this process less tedious I constructed a “guard” of sorts using a post-it note placed in the correct cutting position. Then I could just line my paper up against it’s edge and make a consistent sized cut each time. In retrospect it would have been even easier if I’d used a piece of heavier cardstock taped to my cutting deck so I have more of a solid edge to line up against. With my cutter and this easier method of alignment, I could easily cut through 2 pieces of coverstock at a time. Menu Template