Sunday, March 6, 2011

Finding your Summer Venue

Summer weddings are fun, but can be challenging to plan when you are looking for the “perfect venue” and have a large guest list!

The visions of a summer wedding are very popular and venues book quickly, in some cases years in advance. It is important to know your maximum number of guests; this will give you a guideline in addition to the amenities that you both are looking for on your wedding day.

If you are available to see a venue during the setup process of another wedding this is also helpful and allow you to envision your day and floor plan in the space. Contact the representative for the venue you have in mind and ask to see the space before an upcoming wedding.

There are many things to consider when searching for your summer venue. If you are having an outdoor wedding don’t just think about a backup plan for rain….also remember the sun. While outdoor weddings can be very nice, think about the location and setup of the venue, the position that the sun will set and other details. Explore the options of renting a tent, this help with shade and shelter case of rain.

Keep good notes on the venues that you visit and include the pros and cons. Always inquire about the food if you have an option between the catering companies or if you must go with their company. This can be a deal breaker if the food is not good.

Just remember to plan carefully and think about the overall logistics before signing your contract.

Happy Planning!