Friday, September 23, 2011

I'll Let you Know- It's okay to say so

I have been thinking about how I would address this topic and have a nice approach to it but the reality is….I am just going to get to the point and tell it like it is.

Many people will have wonderful intentions when they hear that you are getting married. However, because they volunteer does not mean that you need to have them complete the task in which they volunteer for.

I had a bride very recently email me a proof of her invitation and there were so many things wrong with it. I took the time to explain to the bride the right and wrong things and made the necessary corrections. While the bride was not knowledgeable about the etiquette of stationery I was able to teach her and for that she was grateful. Now it was time to touch base with her “friend” on the invitation she created.

This placed the bride in an uncomfortable position and she did not want to address it, eventually she did there was no avoiding it.

Point is many people will offer to assist you and you should not accept it’s okay if you tell them:

Thank you so much for offering to take care of x, y, & Z. I am starting the planning process and would love to outline everything before I begin making any decisions, I will get back to you on this at a later date.

Don’t feel pressured to accept everyone’s offer for help if you don’t know what they will put together for you. If you are a budget bride and would love the financial help it is okay to tell the person that you saw a style invitation that you fell in love with. Give them the verbiage and have them print it for you. If they are doing this task out of love it should not be what they put together.

This goes for any area of your wedding.

Bottom Line……learn how to say….I’ll let you know :)