Monday, January 9, 2012

Invitations - Be Creative

Drafting your guest list is beginning of the planning process for your wedding or special occasion. Once that is done and it is time to design your invitations and design theme you will carry through the entire event!

There are endless options to select from whether you are interested in something traditional, classic, timeless, or just plain funky and fun. These decisions are hard to make, however there is one thing that you should do and that is make it personal. Play around with the wording and seek the assistance of a professional stationer on how to get your message across in your invitations.

Years ago you may have required a team to assemble and address invitations, the great news is……..(drum roll please)……companies offer this service now! If you are a bride/host that does not want to keep track of your acceptance, regrets, or of course those that just don’t even respond because they are too busy, or will place it on their to do list. This is a service that is also offered from the stationery company or your planner.

While shopping around for your invitations keep in mind that they set the tone for your event. Make sure that it reflects the theme and is centered on your vision; use the colors, monogram, and textures to create conversation pieces to use strategically throughout your event. The sky is the limit from the start to the end of the night with the favors as guests depart.

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Happy Planning!