Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh Baby! Baby Boy Co-Ed Shower

So we are really excited to design a baby shower for a very dear friend of mine. She is having a boy and her husband is super happy that they are having a baby. This will be a co-ed shower for both women and men to enjoy. So now we have to think about the games, d├ęcor, food, and all the other elements of the shower.

As we prepare all the details of the shower we will share with you our planning journey. The colors are going to be fun and not your typical baby shower, yellow, blue, pastel green….etc.

We are planning on sprucing it up and creating fun colors for the shower in August. The colors are a secret for a little while longer, just in case ‘mom’ is reading our blogs 

Let’s talk about the games!

Most of you know the unscramble game; well we are not playing that game it’s been around for a long time!

Since it is a co-ed shower we have to include games for the guys:

Who can drink that baby bottle the fastest? – Pour apple juice, cranberry, or white grape juice in a baby bottle and see who can drink the bottle the fastest. If you would like to be tricky you can have a small hole in the nipple to slow down the process. The first one finished is the winner.

Who can tie their shoe without popping the balloon? - Blow up a balloon and give it to as at least 3 guys to place under their shirts. Untie their shoe laces and place chairs behind them (the chair is optional – no chairs create more laughter). The object of this game is the first guy to tie their laces without popping the balloon is the winner.

Blindfolds and Diaper! Use a diaper cloth and blindfold the guys that will be changing baby’s diaper. Use a baby doll or a teddy bear as a baby and provide a diaper and wipes for each dad to change. The first dad to change the baby’s diaper correctly is the winner.

We will be sure to share more tips on the shower with you very soon.

Happy Planning!