Monday, November 18, 2013

Wedding Party Roles - Bridesmaid & Hostesses

Your wedding is such an important day and selecting the right people to participate is key. It can be challenging with the amount of friends and family that you have to select your Bridesmaids and Hostesses. 

 The role of a Bridesmaid is being readily available throughout the wedding planning process, helping with DIY projects, dress shopping with the Bride and the rest of the girls. Typically the ladies will pay for their own dresses. It is optional for the Bride to pay for their hair and/or makeup, if so this can be considered a gift to the Bridesmaids. 

While you would love to have your ladies be around and helping with everything. Keep in mind that you should be respectful of their time also. Plan ahead as much as possible and have a few conference calls or get together (if you are all in the same state) throughout the planning process. 

After selecting your Bridesmaids it is now time to narrow down the Hostess and Usher roles. Being a hostesses is an important role and this should be someone fun and bubbly. They will greet your guests, accept cards at the card box, hand out programs, ensure that your key family members have arrived and are seated as you prefer. 

Tip: Your Hostesses and Usher should arrive at least 1 hour before the ceremony to begin their tasks and seating guests. Work with your Wedding Coordinator on the perfect schedule and all the logistical details to share with your Hostesses so they are well prepared for the wedding day!

Happy Planning!