Saturday, June 21, 2014

Planning a Wedding in a Different State

Planning from a distance can sometimes be challenging, whether you are planning a destination wedding to an island or to another state. Hey let’s face it planning an event in the same state can be a bit much! 

We are no strangers to this concept, so far for the 2014 year we have completed three weddings with Brides that live in another state and have traveled to Baltimore to tie the Knot! This happens for a variety of reasons; they may have met the love of their life in Baltimore or simply grew up in Maryland before relocating. Let’s face it planning a wedding in a different state can be stressful if you do not have a good plan in place and great support (family and/or your wedding team of vendors). 

Our most recent wedding was with a wonderful couple that resides in the state of Texas. We worked with them on planning their wedding with a good amount emails, phone conversations, and other forms of communication. There were in person meetings when they traveled in town during the nine months we worked together. 

By the time they arrived into Baltimore a few days before the wedding, they were in very good shape with minor items to take care of. 

If you are planning a wedding from a distance, do not stress it can be done.
Here are a five tips to help you plan your wedding in a state you do not live in:

1.      Start planning as early as possible by creating your own detailed planning agenda. While there are many online tools to help you stay on track, those tools do not know when you will be traveling to the state you will be getting married in. This may mean booking your photographer at 5 months out instead of 8 months. Side note: choosing a good photographer is very important!
2.      Do not rely on online sources for everything, this is very helpful…but sometimes this may sway your decision of quantity vs. quality. Use online as a tool and dig a little deeper in what wedding professionals have to offer in their areas of expertise, not all details and portfolios fit online.  
3.      Consider hiring a planner ….you should consider meeting and hiring a professional planner that is very knowledge of the industry and the market. Since you are planning from a distance, their communication must be GREAT!
4.      If your venue has a planner some things you should keep in mind are: will the venue planner assist you will identifying vendors, negotiating contracts, schedule appointments, and attend meetings? These are things should consider and will be beneficial with an outside planner assisting you along the way.
5.      When you plan on traveling into town, plan weeks in advance…most vendors are working on events for the weekend. If you can schedule all your appointments within a 5-15 mile radius this will be helpful for you. Tip: If you planner has an office, schedule a full day of appointments at their office so you can get lots accomplished without traveling. 

There are so many things that you will need to know, research as much as possible until you have a good understanding, be as organized and detailed as possible when contacting vendors and planning overall. If this is too stressful or you just need some help, considering interviewing at least two to three planners.