Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wedding Stress - Don't Be a Super Bride!

Planning a wedding can be stressful with the many decisions and details that it entails. The reality is that the planning stages should bring you closer as you make important decisions together. 

Do not let planning the wedding consume you, your family, and friends. Remember it is also important to just be you and take breaks from planning the wedding.

Here are a few tips on reducing the stress while planning:

  •  Prepare a budget to use as a guide; there are plenty of templates available. If you are registered with Wedding Wire or The Knot they both have this tool.
  • Date your fiancĂ© – this keeps the romance going…this is how you got the ring in the first place! Don’t be lost in the wedding planning and not prepared for the marriage.
  • Communicate – It is important to communicate your ideas, vision, and have an open dialogue with your fiancĂ© and whoever is playing a role in your wedding.
  • Plan & Think Thoroughly- Plan your ideas on paper and think every detail through from the start to finish. Too many times I meet/see Brides plan to do thing themselves because ‘no one else is going to do it right, or the way they want it done’……big mistake! As a Bride you cannot do it all.

  • Enlist Professionals – I cannot stress enough that you should secure professional vendors with contracts for each person. There is no rewind button for your wedding day so invest and enlist professionals. If you think you cannot afford one, please call and discuss the services you are looking for with them. Invest in quality for your wedding.  There are other options to the ‘packages’ listed on the website. 

For Example:

Photography- I really love you work…but I don’t need eight hours. No problem let’s see what we can do for six hours coverage.

Wedding Planner/Coordinator- I feel really good about selecting vendors, I just need help with the design and the weeks leading up to the wedding. Sure we can customize these services for you.

Happy Planning!