Monday, April 20, 2015

Vintage Inspired Wedding

Brides, more so than ever before, are inspired to put a unique twist on their special day. With the many choices, one theme stands the test of time, and that is a vintage inspired wedding. 

Whether simple or over the top, personalizing your day can be integrated in many ways. Some brides get their inspiration from an heirloom dress or piece of jewelry handed down through the years. 

Where some are simply inspired by a picture seen on Pinterest or a television show such as Downton Abbey. The possibilities are endless and the final product can be amazing!
Timeless bride and groom photo for a lifetime of memories
Beautiful vintage gown with lace gown

Vintage car, tea length dress and birdcage veil

cake with vintage details

From a rustic barn.........

to a tranquil garden.....

to a museum or castle, a vintage theme can be brought to life!