Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What is Your Plan B for your Wedding Day?

So many details of your wedding can be planned and executed days, weeks and months before your special day. Unfortunately, you can't predict the weather but you can prepare for it.

Most venues offer an indoor location for your ceremony and are equipped to use it if necessary. If an indoor option is not possible, is a tent an option? Speaking with your planner and the venue coordinator ahead of time can eliminate a lot of worries.

Rain, although one of the biggest concerns of any bride and groom is not the only issue that can arise. Wind, heat or cold temperatures should also be considered and planned for ahead of time. From hairstyles that are secure to tents that are sturdy, these are all the things to consider. What about having sunscreen available as well as fans?

Letting your guests know in the invitation what to expect will allow them to enjoy the day with you!