Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wedding Day Beauty

There are very few days in our lives when so much attention is paid to us other than our wedding day. Of course we want to look our best, but where do you start? Most brides want to lose a few pounds, grow out their hair and have the perfect dress. You should also pay close attention to your skin months before the big day. Doing an at home facial or at a spa on a regular basis with help keep your skin glowing. If you go to a spa, consult with your esthetician about an at home skin care regimen for your skin type a few months in advance, in case adjustments need to be made to some of your products. Making an appointment with a dermatologist is a great idea if you have issues that can't be resolved at home.
When it comes to your wedding hair and makeup, scheduling trial run is very important. Meeting the makeup artist and hair stylist to make sure they understand your vision will eliminate unwelcome surprises the day of your wedding. Whether you are a glamorous women and want more of a wow factor, or if you like a more subtle look, make sure to articulate that with both your makeup artist as well as your hair stylist so they can give you the look you want. You should feel comfortable and beautiful on your day and reflect who are!