Thursday, August 11, 2016

Choosing The Right Mansion for You

 Many brides envision their special day at a mansion. With beautiful staircases, gorgeous scenery and amazing photo opportunities, a mansion wedding can make any woman feel like a princess. As Marylanders, we are lucky to have many options, from the ocean to the mountains, the choices are endless.
Valley Country Club and Mansion

 So how do you choose? First, the time of year will play an important roll. If your wedding will take place during the summer, you want to make sure the mansion you choose is air conditioned to ensure the comfort of not only you and your fiance, but your guests as well. On the contrary, if your wedding takes place during the cooler months, ensure heat is an option.

Cylburn Mansion

Another thing to consider is location. Would you like a mansion closer to the water? Or do you want a more rural setting? Secluded or in a more accessible area? After deciding on those factors, keeping in mind travel for guests is a good way to go.

Grey Rock Mansion

You should also ask the venue whether they have an on site caterer. Do they offer tables, chairs, and linens? If not these will be things you will have to rent and have brought in.