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Real Wedding-Caitlin & Jody

21 Sep 2015

 Caitlin & Jody – Cannot Slip Free

The chicken falls in love with a buzzin’ bumble bee. Now that’s an unexpected match made in Halloween heaven.

A Happy Caitlin During Bride Prep    Jody Preps for the Ceremony

More than four years after a Halloween party brought two brilliant minded people together, Jody popped the question on Cumberland Island – an island inhabited by wild horses…and snakes. Which leads us to the big day that we were more than humbled to capture for the wonderful pair.

Meet Jody, a mix of geographically & programmatically mad genius – and Caitlin, a delightful and sweet woman whose hobbies include teaching Sunday school and has an admirable knowledge of Disney movies.

This was an incredibly gorgeous wedding that took place on Jody’s family Vineyard – The Vineyard at Thornton. The bouquets and floral decor were made up solely of gypsophila – a simplistically elegant choice.  The couple delivered their intellectual and deeply romantic, custom vows in a lovely ceremony on the vineyard. You will swoon at the vows that Jody delivers to Caitlin. Poetic, vibrant, and beautiful. He sounds like a novelist reading to his muse. And the utter bliss that exudes from her face and adorable smile as he reads them to her will melt your heart. Swooon. 

Elegant and Simple Gypsophila (Baby's Breath)   The Couple's Baby Niece!

The couple wanted to give each other something before the wedding – but they wanted to do so in a way where they could interact without actually seeing each other. Caitlin wanted the first time Jody saw her to be when she was walking down the aisle – no exceptions. She wanted it to be the most special it could be. So, we brainstormed and came up with the idea of a door divider. Caitlin hid behind a half opened door, and we directed Jody to come in only so far so that their hands could touch and they could exchange their cards. It made for a beautiful shot and only exemplified the anticipation of saying “I do.” It is honestly one of the sweetest things that I have ever witnessed.

Reading their Cards while Fighting the Temptation to Peak Around the Door    The Couple Holds Hands Before the Ceremony - Without Seeing Each Other

And wait until you see the shot of their first kiss. Stunning.Caitlin & Jody found us through their sister and brother-in-law. They had attended a wedding that we filmed a while back – Lauren & Kristian’s. They loved how we embody the day for both the bride & groom. We were totally flattered and ecstatic to capture their wedding, too! Their story is definitely worth a listen.

Get to know the chicken & the bee: To view Caitlin & Jody's video, CLICK HERE http://www.clicksparkfilms.com/caitlin-jody-cannot-slip-free/

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