Monday, July 20, 2015

Children in the Wedding

There is nothing more adorable than your niece or nephew dressed in formal wear walking down the aisle. It may seem like an easy task for them, but children are unpredictable and it may not always go as planned. Being prepared will help eliminate some common issues that can arise.

Practice, Practice, Practice! Make sure the children attend the rehearsal. It will help familiarize them with the ceremony site. Have them try on their clothes and walk down a hallway. Let them know which family members will be attending the wedding so they aren't overwhelmed by the large crowd.

Designate someone not in the wedding party to be responsible for the children prior to the ceremony. Having someone to entertain them with keep their minds off of waiting for the adults.

Have healthy snacks and water prepared in a lunch bag. Choose things that will not ruin their clothes if they end of spilling it.

Most importantly, remember that when it's showtime, children may not want to walk down the aisle. That's ok. It can be a scary thing to do. If that happens, have an adult or babysitter prepared to take them out of the ceremony.