Monday, January 25, 2016

Creative Surprise Proposals

As a wedding planner, one of my favorite things to hear is how did he propose and how the plan was created to make it happen. I also love to see the pictures if the fella was creative enough to hire a photographer. The pure joy, love, excitement and shock is wrapped up in one single shot and it is beautiful. If you want to surprise your lady in a creative way, here are a few tips:

  • Set  a date. Is there a special event, like a concert, show or anniversary coming up that will make it easier to get her out of the house and dressed up?
  •  Decide who you want to let in on the secret. Is your proposal something you want to keep between you, her and the photography? Or would you like to have close family and/or friends watching from the distance and can celebrate with you immediately after popping the question? These are things that will need to be worked out well in advanced, especially if family or friends live out of state.
  • Hire a photographer. Schedule an appointment with a professional photographer who has experience with surprise engagements and will know how to stay out of sight but get the best shots.