Monday, January 18, 2016

Wedding Day Food Trucks

You have seen them and may have even eaten from them before. Food trucks have become increasingly popular over the years and now they are the next big thing at weddings. It's a unique way to serve feed your guest dinner or as a late night snack.
Here are a few things to consider before hiring one for your big day:

  • First, set a date. If a food truck is a must at your wedding, make sure to select a date that there is less chance of snow or cold temperatures. Asking your guest to throw on snow boots to get their food might not be the best idea.
  • Keep the Menu simple. This will allow for quicker service and avoid long lines.
  • Hiring enough staff. Knowing your guest count is extremely important when hiring a food truck for your wedding. This allows them to prepare enough food and bring in more trucks if needed. If your guest count is over 75 people, you will need more that one truck.
  • Schedule a tasting of your menu. This will allow you time to select your menu. Make sure to choose a vegan as well as children meals if necessary.
  • Don't forget Dessert! Consider a cupcake or ice cream truck as dessert for your guest.
  • Select the location of the trucks. Make sure to place the trucks in close proximity to the reception area so guest are walking a long distance to get back to their seats.
Photo Credit: Pinterest