Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Choosing A Photographer Part II

Now that you have had the opportunity to view galleries from several photographers online or in person at a bridal show or from friends and family, it’s time to narrow down your top 1-3 photographers.

Here are a few things to think about:

1. Photographic Style- The pictures tell a story, are there photos that capture your attention and keep mesmerized?

2. Level of experience- Is your photographer a professional in the industry?
a. Does the photographer have experience at your venue(s)?

3. Personality- Do you “mesh” well? This is a person that may be capturing emotional moments and you want someone that will be calm and easy to work with.
a. Will the photographer be good at communicating from the consultation to the end of your wedding night?
b. Are you comforatble with the photographer?

4. Price Range- Everyone has a budget and this is respected within the industry, your photographer should be willing to work with your price range. While some photographers may be “expensive” this is one area where you don’t want to hire an amateur.
a. Is there flexibility to adjust some details in the package?
b. Are there services offered A la Carte?

5. Finish Product- How long will it take to view proofs and received the finished album?

6. Payments- What are the deposit requirements and payment periods?

7. Hours- How many hours of services will be provided and number of locations?
a. How early will they arrive to test the lighting and set up?
b. Will your photographer travel to the hotel/home while the bridal party is getting dressed?
c. To the ceremony?
d. To a specific destination to take pictures of the wedding party?
e. To the reception?

8. Appearance- Will they be professionally dressed for your casual, semi-formal or formal occasion?
a. Will there be an assistant photographer during the event?

Tip: It is customary to include your photographers in the guest count for meals during the reception.

Tip: Create a collage of some of your favorite photos and share with your photographer during the consultation. Your planner or family liaison for the day of your occasion can also “remind” the planner if necessary.

All the details that you discuss and agree on should be included in your agreement/contract.