Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Planning and Organizing

Many people today don’t have the time to plan and organize their events personally. Therefore they decide to hire a planner/coordinator for their entire event part time of full time.

Here are some reasons why you may choose to explore the option of hiring professional help for your next event.

1. Many people don't have the time to organize events. For any event time is critical, and finding the time to dedicate to planning and executing events can sometimes become overwhelming. Between work schedules, school, extracurricular activities and so on; time can become very limited.

The standards of the host are higher nowadays; they desire to have things done on a professional level. You have an expert to do your gardening, calculate your taxes, or paint your home. So you should have an expert to plan your important events.

2. Events are usually one-time only, and sometimes once in a lifetime. You only hit your 40th birthday once! So it makes sense to hand the details over to a professional - someone who is trained to do it, exquisitely, and has a passion to do so.

3. A planner can save the client money. With even modest weddings costing $15,000 or more, a planner can cut a good amount of the costs by knowing which suppliers to choose, and how to negotiate. As a professional, coordinators know where to turn for vendors within the budget that you have provided. Our knowledge and bargaining power can cut more off the bill than your client's fees will cost. So the client saves money by using an event planner.

4. The planner relieves the client of all the worries and stress about getting the event right.

Clients can just enjoy the evening, and spend time with their guests, rather than fussing about the flowers or the food.

5. The host/hostess would like to enjoy the special occasion; however is usually the glue to hold the event together if there is no planner. Enjoy your event and hiring a coordinator! Men may also hire a coordinator as a gift to that special someone.

6. For some people, having a planner is like buying insurance. The event planner builds up expertise in running events. Ironically a 6th sense is developed that stops problems from occurring. An event planner stays calm, knows when to anticipate a glitch, and can smooth things over. And if the worst does happen, an event planner will know how to save the day - without the client or guests even noticing.

Do you recall going to a wedding lately? Did the bride seem as though she was the only person that knew everything that was going on? That may have been the case.

An event coordinator will take care of the following:
-Organizes the entire event
-Provides onsite management and support.
-Incorporates your lifestyle, interests and likes
-Works within your budget
-Negotiates the best pricing and services
-Displays the "expert" knowledge of the industry
-Safeguards your special day by thinking ahead
-Provides creativity and professional partnership

Happy Planning!