Friday, February 12, 2010

Transportation- Limo & Town Cars

Have you thought about your transportation?

Whether or not you choose to have a limo or a town car to drive you around here are some tips:
Limo: Plan ahead, especially if you are getting married during prom season! Limos book up pretty fast, so don’t assume that you’re safe. Sit in the limo of your choice to get a feel of what it will be like you’re your wedding day.

Since you are renting a limo for at least four hours maximize your dollars you will be spending. Have the limo pick up your groom first and drop him off at the church or ceremony location. Following it will be time to pick up the ladies. This way you’re not paying for two limos or paying for the driver to sit around and wait for too long.

Plan ahead if you are planning to have the entire wedding party ride to the reception venue with the newlyweds, will provide a separate limo for them, or will have them use their personal vehicle. Whichever you choose please remember to share this with your wedding party beforehand so there are no surprises to them.

Town Car: If you like the idea of a limo but choose to have having something smaller think about a town car, you can maximize the cost using the same idea as above on a smaller scale. If you have an elderly family member that does not drive or you would like to receive additional assistance this is also a way to go.

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