Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SHOES- Stepping down the aisle in STYLE!

Let’s face it as women, we love shoes!

In the recent years brides have decided to step out of the “white box” and be BOLD. While white satin shoes are classic, many brides are opting to add color to their wardrobe in the shoes.

However, think about this……will you wear them again? You can be creative, stylish and bold all at the same time in your shoes and you will also wear then again and again.

What is your shoe character?

Check out the styles below and shop for comfort and style!

Bright yellow pumps featured in a wedding from The Bride's Cafe

Red hot rosette shoes from Cheree Berry's wedding, courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Manolo Blahnik something blue pump.

Now it's time to shop shoes.......