Sunday, March 28, 2010

DIY iPod vs. DJ

If this is something that you are thinking about, let me give you the answer. Select the DJ, and I will give you several reasons why in a few lines. But, first let’s focus on the iPod.

While I respect the fact that an event can be costly and many people are choosing to DIY as much as possible. An iPod can be cost saving and if you are using this for the ceremony and have timed everything down to the minute then I can say okay I understand. However when it comes down to your reception or party time, the iPod can’t lead or see what your crowd is reacting to.

Most people come to a party/reception to celebrate and enjoy themselves, no offense to your selection of music but what if the guests are not on the same musical page programmed? These are just food for thought items that should be consider while pondering the iPod idea.
Just a few more things to think about:

  • Who would make any announcements that you would like hear?

  • How will the crowd get excited about the music without an Emcee?

  • What if someone wanted to hear a specific song?

  • Would it be slightly awkward to the guests hearing a few second gaps in each song?
Please don’t think that you’re being discouraged from using an iPod we just want you to think about the entire event, guests, your budget and the logistics. Most of all your DJ gets the crowd going and keeps everyone excited. There are DJs out there that can work with your budget. If this is a challenge for you email us and we can help.

Tip: Create an overall budget and an estimated amount for each vendor in the beginning before you start your planning. During the process the budget can be altered if you are already in the planning process. Stop, take note of where you are and how much you have left in your budget, you can shift things around to accommodate your needs and secondary ….your wants.

Warmest Planning Wishes