Sunday, March 28, 2010

Selecting a DJ

Music has been a hot topic this week so I wanted to cover a few things on selecting a DJ. Many of the tips and topics may also be applied to selecting a band also.

There are many DJs in the market and they each vary in style, equipment, personality and other distinguishing factors. Here are a few things to cover when meeting a DJ:

Schedule a consultation with your prospective DJ and you can take note of the things that you are looking for. Most importantly when your meeting with a DJ is feeling out their personality, this will reflect in their style and persona during your event.

Ensure that your DJ offers a contract; not only the DJ but all your vendors should offer a contract. With a contract there is a safety measure and also this give you the comfort of know that the DJ is professional and takes your event seriously. While shopping around you can ask for a verbal overview of their contract.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Do you book other events for the same day?
  • How early do you arrive and what will your attire be for my event?
  • Have you worked at my venue location before? If so are you familiar with their guidelines? Are there any tips that you can share with me overall.
  • How would you describe your style? How would you keep our guests on the dance floor?
  • May I and/or a guest request anything for you to play?
  • Will you make the announcements that I would like to share?
  • There are some songs that I do not want to hear, can I give that list to you?
  • When do I share the play and do not play list with you? When is my ‘last chance’ to update this list?
  • What is your deposit/payment policy?

Have fun at your consultation and feel free to ask as many questions you would like to. The goal is to walk away from feeling good about the services you are seeking and the service you will receive from the DJ.

Happy Planning!