Friday, March 19, 2010

Reception Activities- To Toss or Not to Toss?

Here are a few activities that are options for during your wedding reception.

Anniversary Dance- The anniversary dance honors the couple that has been married the longest. Get all the married couples on the dance floor. Once dancing the Emcee announces if you have been married 3yrs or more to stay on the dance floor, then the next announcement increases to 5yrs. This continues until the longest married couple stays on the dance floor. Ask the couple for their advice for a long marriage.

If you are not tossing a boutique and removing the garter belt, the newlyweds should walk over the garter and boutique to share with the couples following their advice.

Bouquet Toss- Invite all women to join in the bouquet toss whether single or not. By inviting everyone up, the single ladies will not feel as if they are being “pointed out”

Breakaway Bouquet- I have attended wedding and have seen the breakaway toss. There is one large bouquet in the bride’s hand and once she tosses the bouquet it becomes 4-5 mini bouquets. This just surprises the ladies, if you choose to also toss the garter the winning gentleman can dance with all the ladies that caught the bouquets. Oppose to going up her thigh with the garter.

Bouquet Presentation- Instead of throwing the bouquet some brides present their flowers to their mother, grandmother, aunt, or best friend. This can be very sweet and touching to both the bride and recipient, if the bride shares her thoughts during the reception of who she is presenting her bouquet that is also a special acknowledgement to share with all.