Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Catering Tips

When selecting a caterer one of the most important factors is that they should have a license and is insured.

Does your caterer offer a tasting of the items you are considering on having on your menu? Don’t wait until the big day to know what the food is going to taste like, also during the tasting remember that the food can be customized to meet your needs ask questions and talk to the caterer.

It is very important to be honest and upfront about your budget from the beginning. You can ask the caterer for a breakdown of each item, just in case you may need to remove or decrease an item from the proposal. Don’t be afraid to ask for opinions on ways to cut back on the pricing and services.

Ask for a contract overview from your caterer, this way you will have an idea of the details that will be included in your contract with the catering company. Be aware of all potential fees other than the prices for the food….such as ….delivery, service charges, wait staff expense and other charges.

Don’t be alarmed most service charges are 20% or higher.

While planning your event things can get a bit hectic, if you are hiring a coordinator he/she will work closely with the catering company to ensure things are running smoothly before and on the day of your occasion. Don’t worry about the last minute details, your focus should be on enjoying your day.

Lastly, think about the details and quality. Bluntly, would you like to have 150 guests for veggies, fruits, and cheese & crackers or 50 for a nice seated meal? You determine what you would like your menu to be and don’t be afraid to cut the guest list to afford what you truly want.

Think about these items listed above and use this as a guide to getting closer to identifying your caterer.