Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thinking about a Green Wedding?

Many couples are embracing eco-friendly options for their wedding. Here are a few tips and things to think about when planning a ‘Green’ wedding.

Use the internet to announce your save the date, this saves paper and gets to your guests quickly. If you would like to mail the save the dates, you have the option of using recycled paper. You can also create a wedding website or blog to keep your guests informed.

Save on gas and have your ceremony and reception in one location. By doing so you save on time, energy, gas, money, and if you have out of town guest this allows them to relax in one location without the worries of finding their way around town. Arrange transportation from the hotel to the venue, this also saves on fuel and will ensure that your guests are transported safely.

When selecting your caterer there are caterers that specialize in organic and local products. Local produced products take less fuel to be transported for sale. Not to mention you will be a customer for a local town and farmer, this helps farmers continue to produce organic products. Pass on the use of disposable plates, using china and flatware will not only be an elegant touch, but it will prevent from adding to landfills.

As a parting gift (favor) print a personal message on a reusable shopping tote to thank your guests for attending your wedding. Roll the bags and tie a ribbon to compliment your wedding colors. Another option is to plant individual flowers or herbs this can be used not only as favors, but also as centerpieces. Your guests can take the plants home and plant in the backyard or can be used as a house plant.

Have fun, being green!
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