Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Traveling Guests – Accommodations

While planning your special event, think about your guests traveling near and far. For special events our dearest family members and friends will travel great distances to share your blissful occasion.

Since your guests will be traveling near and far you will want to secure hotel accommodations, transportation and entertainment activities for them depending on the length of their stay. For each hotel the number of rooms varies in order for your guests to receive a discounted rate. Most hotels will require you to block off the minimum of 10 rooms, however call to verify the number of rooms that qualify for a discounted rate.

It would be great to have all of your guests in one hotel, on the other hand if economic challenges present themselves you can also research another hotel and share the two options with your guests. If you are providing transportation to the ceremony and reception, stick to one hotel to make it easier for planning, logistics, and financing the transportation.

Welcome your guest with a light cocktail gathering at the hotel for your travelers and/or a nice small gift that represents the city, state, or country that your event is being held. Although you may have lots planned for you to do, many travelers like to see the unique places about where they are visiting….. arrange a tour or something fun for your guests.