Sunday, January 3, 2010

Budget: Timing & Venue

Some clients during consultations wonder….how much money will I be spending for what I want?

Your wedding budget is completely essential for planning your marriage. It should be prepared well in advance, start saving as soon as you say YES!
Prices can easily spiral out of control so have a budget and stick to it. Give preference to the important things first .Make a priority list.

Let’s talk about budgeting do’s and don’ts for weddings ….. This information will be helpful to you with your planning efforts.

Timing & Site

Please DO
1. Consider dates that fall out of busy wedding seasons (May-October)
2. Think about having your wedding on a Friday, Sunday or a day other than Saturday.
3. Consider have a daytime reception or a brunch.
4. Seek a venue that has the tables, chairs, and possibly the linens you would like. This will help save on the rental cost of these items.
5. Consider a venue that does not require you to use their preferred vendors. In many cases this is more expensive because you will be choosing from one list. Are outside companies allowed?
6. Inquire about the service fees and any other fees associated with the service being provided.
7. Inquire if candles prohibited?
8. Think about additional expenses; is there a charge for the cake cutting, early/late set up, and any surprise guests?
9. Consider a professional planner to manage your day and let your family relax and enjoy the day.

Please DON'T
1. Don’t get married during peak times for the hotel business if most of your guests will be traveling out of town.
2. Please don’t forget to take in consideration the distance from the ceremony to the reception.
3. Don’t overlook having your ceremony and reception in one venue convenient for all.
4. Don’t forget to set your budget and establish who will be paying for what, in the event that others are also assisting with the finances.
5. Start shopping for your décor until you find and secure your venues.
6. Include a variety of friends and family members in your planning and day of wedding; too many opinions can become stressful.
7. Don’t think you can’t afford a professional planner; many planners will work with your budget. You should at least have a DOC (Day of Coordinator) to lead your team of vendors.

Here are some tips for keeping your budget under control:

* Limit the number of guests to friends, family and close acquaintances only.
* Don’t just invite a person for the sake of inviting or just because he/she is a colleague. * Book your venues at least 8 to 12 months prior the wedding so that you can pay it over a period of time.
* The more items you are able to pay for before the wedding and over a period of time the better and less stress for everyone as you get closer to your big day.

Prestigiously Yours,