Sunday, January 3, 2010

Event Planning Tips

Are you planning an event in the near future? Here are some things to consider while planning your next event.

1) Guest List - Who should you invite? How many people would you like to share this special occasion with? Will the occasion be small and intimate or a big party?
2) Venue - Where would you like to have your event? Keep in mind a few different places and dates, just in case you find a venue you love and the date is not available. Get price quotes from each and take pictures, there are several questions to ask please see Selecting a venue for any event.
3) Menu - What food should you serve? The menu selection will also play a role in the guest list. Depending on your menu selection, catering quotes for a seated dinner, buffet and open bar this may increase or decrease your guest list. Try to make sure to include several different food options because you may have guests with food allergies or special diets.
4) Invitations - Mailed invitations are always a great idea, especially if your event will be formal dress. The invitations should match the decorations for the party.
5) Colors/themes – Do you have an event style in mind? This can be a color design or a theme that you would like to carry throughout the event.
6) Music – Think about the music that you would like to hear at specific points throughout the event. For example: Wedding- What will be your music during dinner? Anniversary Party- Perhaps choose songs from the decade you were married. Sweet Sixteen- Favorite song and special dance with best friends.
7) Toasts - Do you toast each other? Who toasts to you? Will there be a variety of toasts in an order of preference?
8) The Cake - Do you have an idea of the type of cake or desserts you would like? This is the fun part! Start tasting and choose a bakery.
9) Party favors - Something for your guests to remember not only your event, but you!
10) Event attire- Simply said your attire should say: I’m so beautiful this is my day! It’s your party after all!

These are a few basics for planning your next event. Good Luck and Congratulations!

Prestigiously yours,