Sunday, January 3, 2010

Selecting a venue for any event

When selecting a venue for your event regardless of the occasion there are many things to take into consideration. Think beyond the space that you see, if you are not taking a tour of the venue with a planner/d├ęcor designer envision the layout and logistics. Don’t be misled with the facility sales manager or their event coordinator as they say “the food usually goes here…..we set the tables up like this….etc...” you can deviate. Feel free to be creative and make changes you would like within their guidelines. Take note of the outlets around the venue, particularly where you would like the band or your entertainment to be set up.

Many venues will allow you to take pictures of their location, this can be beneficial when creating a floor plan and sharing the details with your florist and other vendors if they are not familiar with the venue you have selected.

There are several things to take into consideration before signing a venue contract; whether you are on a $3,000 budget for an anniversary party of $30,000 wedding budget. Here are a few questions to ask:

1) Will the occupancy limit accommodate your guests and your vision of the layout?
2) Is the venue flexible with your date and time? Will they allow enough time for set up and breakdown without additional charges.
3) Is the venue a central location that will accommodate your guests? If they are traveling from a ceremony location to a reception will it be easy for your guests to locate?
4) Are off site caters allowed? This can save you money, if on a tight budget or if you have an assorted cultural cuisine planned.
5) Is alcohol permitted without the hefty expense of the bar tab.
6) Are linens included in the rental agreement?
7) Is there ample parking for your guests?
8) Don’t forget to check out the restrooms. Will they be maintained and refreshed during your event by the staff?

Keep these things in mind when you visit each venue and compare your notes on a chart before you make your selection.

Prestigiously yours,